About Zimong

Putting education at the heart of innovation.

about zimong

Zimong Software Pvt. Ltd.

Zimong is a software company that exists solely to assist the educational industry. The company was formed and is run by highly skilled and experienced people that are dedicated to developing the most user-friendly school administration system for the educational institutes.

                          Educare is our whole identity, which is why it is our objective to provide the finest to institutes, our entire concentration has always been to build the best for you and to make the difficult and time-consuming administrative duties easier and more straightforward.

About zimong

We sincerely believe the quote “The best is yet to be..” written by Robert Browning and we apply that in our entity too. We are always striving to improve ourselves. It is our prime motive to make something exceptional. It’s not simply the software that sets us apart; it’s also our customer service. we believe that  “Business does not cease on sale; it begins on sale” which is why we double down our efforts after the deal to provide you with the best which you deserve to get.

                          Everything starts from scratch. All our institutes have given a strong push to the Dream that we witnessed in 2014. Our clients provided us with a lot of encouragement and affection, which was quite helpful in the beginning. We would like to express our gratitude to all of the institutes that assisted us in making our goal a reality; it would not have been possible without their cooperation, and this motivates us to work even harder than before. We shall keep working hard and dedicating ourselves to ensuring that they all have faith in us.



We hold ourselves accountable and delegate responsibility

Respect Everyone

We value our people, our customers, and hold the utmost regard for everyone.

Thinking out of the box

We are innovative, adaptive & receptive

Excellent user experience

We believe that if our users are happy, everything else will fall in place.

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